We do realise that if you are buying directly online, rather than through a brick-and-mortar dealer, you may have concerns about how warranty claims will be handled. We’d like to share with you exactly how Service and Warranty issues are handled at GONOW™.

If you have a technical issue at any time, the service and warranty process is quite simple.

Important Note! GONOW™ Electric Bicycles are still 100% bicycle with the addition of five eBike components fitted to our purpose built GONOW™ frames. In the unlikely event that one one these Best brand components are faulty, we have designed them as super easy replace, ‘plug & play’ parts. If there is still a problem in the highly unlikely event after a part has been replaced, GONOW™ will immediately deliver a new replacement bike to your door.


“Quality is the heart of who we are. Product quality is the foundation we stand on.” 


Report the issue to GONOW™ preferably via email or phone. 

Guiding you through the process, we have customer service agents available 7 days a week. We also guarantee a 24-hour response time to make sure that you never have to wait more than a day for a response. *(If you would like to do nothing at all, let us know and we will arrange with one of our preferred bicycle shops in your area to take care of everything for you. For example if you are situated in or around Pretoria, our preferred bike shop is LIFE CYCLES located at Moreleta Park Centre, 670 Rubenstein Drive (Next to Total) Moreleta Park Pretoria. They will even collect your bike, service it and deliver it, no problem)


We will first troubleshoot the issue remotely.

If any spare parts are needed, we will ship them out at no charge to you.

If the issue requires professional work, we will locate a *bike shop near you that will be able to service the bike. We’ll even make the arrangements for you to drop off the bike.

All you have to do is bring your bike into the shop, and we’ll handle the rest!


You drop off the bike at the shop and then we communicate directly with the mechanics there.

Your GONOW™ Service Manager will work with the shop to analyse the issue and guide them through the repair.

If any spare parts are needed, we will ship them directly to you or the shop at no charge to you.

Once the issue is resolved, you will be notified via email or phone. All you have to do then is simply pick up the bike at your convenience!

Why does this work so well?

Most of the mechanical components on GONOW™ bikes are standard bicycle components — the brakes, gearing, derailleur, and so on. As for the electrical components — the motor, battery and controller — we have built them with a swap-and-go approach in mind, which means that a service shop simply needs to take off and replace a part. Our components are engineered in such a way that virtually any bike shop can handle troubleshooting and fixing of a problem.

Even though you may be buying the bike online, you’ll find that with us, local support is never more than an email or a phone call away.

The fact that 98% of our customers buy from us directly online, and we ship out bikes all over the South Africa, actually enables us to provide better control quality and arrange for service to customers wherever they are — whether there is an electric bike shop near them or not.

Do you have service centres around the country?

We work with hundreds of bike shops around the country to handle service issues for our customers. Our network of recommended shops means that typically a shop that will work on your GONOW™ electric bike is located within just a few kilometers of where you live.

In addition, our customer service team can assist your local bike mechanic with any questions.

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