Gonow Electric Bicycles Proprietary Limited, headquartered in Cape Town, is a South African national electric bicycle manufacturing company. Our products include urban commuters, sport, cruiser, eco-tourist, corporate and industrial sector lithium-ion battery powered ebikes. Gonow has been ranked in 2016 as a Responsible Business Developed Company in the alternative, sustainable transport industry.

Gonow™ has manufacturing and assembly plants as well as sourced components from leading manufacturers of e-mobility components and complete systems in China and South Africa which we utilize for the expertise and professionalism that we expect from our, employees at all times. Following our supply stream with its head office and development centre in Suzhou, close to Shanghai with its excellent infrastructure, Suzhou is well placed to access international markets. Since 2012 our components and systems manufacturers have had an office in the Netherlands to be closer to, and provide an even better service for, the European customers, thus underlining the importance of the European market for our future development.

Gonow Electric Bicycles principal components utilized and fitted on our Gonow™ brand of sustainable transport alternative vehicles are comprised of only leading manufacturer brands in their field of expertise. Shimano, Tektro, Bafang and Samsung were selected for the joint venture of the founders at the inception of Gonow™

Gonow™ is listed on the (CSD) Central Supplier Database to supply and conduct business with the South African government. Besides holding considerable stock we consistently exchange ideas and proposals in order to enhance infrastructure for the future of sustainable electric transport. The company is ranked #143 on the world’s biggest travel site, tripadvisor, out of 211 outdoor activities as of 2017.

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